Elected Officials

In 1933 Pennsylvania enacted the Second Class Township Code which sets forth the general and corporate powers of the township and the manner in which the supervisors will exercise these powers. Second Class Townships are prohibited from exercising any powers not specifically authorized in the Code.

The voting public elects three supervisors and three auditors, each to a six -year term of office and one tax collector to a four-year term of office, all must be residents of the township.

The Board of Supervisors must meet the first Monday in January (unless that date is a legal holiday, then they meet the first Tuesday) to organize the Township. At this meeting they must organize as a board by electing one of their members as chairman and another as vice-chairman. The Board will also appoint a treasurer and secretary. At this meeting they also appoint new members and fill vacancies to the different boards and commissions of the Township.

Starting in 2000 the township hired a certified public accountant to do the yearly audit of the township financial records. Prior to this the elected auditors of the township did the annual audit. The elected auditors will continue to hold their position within the township, their only job being to determine the compensation for supervisors employed by the township as regular employees. Currently the township employs none of the supervisors. The annual audit is available at the township building for review each year after March 1st.

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BOARD OF SUPERVISORS 6-year term of office

Dr. Thomas A. Egan, Chairman 12/31/17
John D. Snook, Vice Chairman 12/31/19
Vincent M. Pompo, Esq., Member 12/31/21

TAX COLLECTOR 4-year term of office
William Reiter 12/31/17
APPOINTED TAX COLLECTOR (Bills & Collects for Real Estate Taxes)
Chester County Treasurers Office - 610-344-6370
Deputy Tax Collector
Michael P. Lynch

AUDITORS 6-year term of office
Kathleen D. Davis 12/31/17
Max Yocum 12/31/19
James VanderWaal 12/31/21

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