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SD 632 Tigue Subdivision/Land Development (Conditional Use)

The Board of Supervisors approved the Conditional Use Decision at its meeting on December 13, 2016.

Conditional Use Decision - 12/13/16

Cover Letter (Dated 1/20/16)
Application (Dated 10/5/2015)
Supplemental Application (Dated 1/20/16)
Revised Narrative (Dated 1/19/16)

Response Letters (Dated 1/19/16)
Revised Conditional Use Plan (Dated 1/19/16)
Revised Environmental Impact Assessment (Dated 1/19/16)
Revised Environmental Impact Assessment  Exhibits (Dated 1/19/16)
Revised Transportation Impact Study (Dated January 2016)

Existing Conditions Map (Dated 10/5/2015) 
Municipal Services Map (Dated 10/5/2015) 
Open Space Exhibit (Dated 10/5/2015) 
Tigue Photo Locations  (Dated 10/5/2015) 
Tigue Photo Plan (Dated 10/5/2015) 

Applicant's Exhibits:
A-1 Conditional Use Application (Dated 10/5/2015)
A-2 Notices to Adjacent Property Owners (Dated 11/18/2015)
A-3 Redacted Agreement of Sale (Dated 04/28/2015)
A-4 Revised Conditional Use Plan (Dated 10/05/2015 Last Revised 12/02/2015)
A-5 Revised Existing Conditions Plan (Dated 10/05/2015 Last Revised 12/02/2015)
A-6 Tigue View-Shed Exhibit
A-7 Tigue Property Open Space Exhibit (Dated 10/05/2015 Last Revised 12/02/2015)
A-8 PNDI Project Environmental Review Receipt (Dated 05/07/2015)
A-9 Environmental Impact Assessment (Dated 10/05/2015)
A-10 Transportation Impact Study (Dated November 2015)
Supplemental Transportation Impact Study Appendix (Dated November 2015)
A-11 Supplemental Application 012016
A-12 Notice Letters & Certifications
A-13 Affidavit of Posting
A-14 CU Plan 011916
A-15 Facade Elevations
A-16 Lot 6 Plan
A-17 Parking Exhibit
A-18 Aqua Will Serve Letter
A-19 Open Space Exhibit

A-20 Environmental Impact Assessment
A-21 Transportation Impact Study Jan 2016

A-22 Rear Elevations
A-23 Viewshed from Southeastern Property
A-24 Transportation Impact Supplement

A-25 Rendered Open Space Exhibit
A-26 Viewsheds from Regimental & Sharon
A-27 Supplemental Transportation Data 070816 (Redacted)
A-28 Parking Exhibits


Board of Supervisor's Exhibits:
B-1 Proof of Publication 120315
B-2 Affidavit of Posting
B-3 Extension of Time to Open Hearing
B-4 Property Posting
B-5 Lentz Cantor Letter
B-6 Reviews and Recommendations
B-7 Supplemental Application 012016
B-8 Letter to Parties 011416
B-9 Proof of Publication 030816

B-10 Applicable Portions of Application
B-11 Transportation Correspondence


Planning Commission Exhibits:
PC-1 Kaminski Curriculum Vitae
PC-2 Memo April 8, 2016
PC-3 Memo June 14, 2016 Parking
PC-4 Memo June 14, 2016 Testimony
PC-5 Strike Off Letter
PC-6 Plum Run Trail Crossing Location
PC-7 Official Map
PC-8 Plum Run Corridor
PC-9 Trails Committee Minutes 11/19/15
PC-10 HR#137 Historic Inventory Form
PC-11 Historic Commission Minutes 11/17/15
PC-12 Historic Commission Minutes 02/16/16
PC-13 Historic Commission Minutes 05/17/16
PC-14 History of Strode's Mill Crossroads
PC-15 Brandywine Battle Map Excerpt (Click this link for the interactive map http://www.westernheritagemapping.org/)
PC-16 Thomas Comitta Curriculum Vitae
PC-17 Planning Review
PC-18 BRC Memo, Plan, & Map
PC-19 Alternative Layouts

West Goshen Township Exhibits:
WG-1 Joseph Platt CV

WG-2 West Goshen Alternative Plan









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