On Lot Sewage System Maintenance Program

In 2004, the Township adopted an on-lot sewage system maintenance program.  The purpose of the program is to ensure that all on-lot sewage systems are routinely pumped and properly maintained. 


The Township’s program requires every property owner with an individual on-lot sewage disposal system to pump their septic system every three years unless the operation and maintenance guidelines for a particular system require a different pumping frequency or a system is exempt from pumping (refer to Ordinance 3-2013 below for more information about exceptions to the 3-year pumping requirement). 


Proof of pumping must be submitted to the Township by September 30 of the year pumping is due.  To submit proof of pumping to the Township:


1.    Obtain a copy of the Sewage Pumping Submittal Form.

2.    Retain a Chester County Licensed Liquid Waste Hauler to pump your system.

3.    Have the hauler sign the Sewage Pumping Submittal Form or attach a copy of the pumping receipt to the submittal form.

4.    Submit the submittal form to the Township. The form can be mailed or faxed to Nancy Holland or emailed to nholland@eastbradford.org. 


Any property owner that does not submit proof by September 30 will receive a second notice.  An administration fee of $25 is assessed when the Township sends a second notice in accordance with the Fee Schedule. 


If the Township does not receive proof that a system has been pumped by December 31 in the year pumping is due, the Township will proceed with an enforcement action, which could result in a civil penalty between $300 to $2,000 (plus costs).


If you have questions about the program, please do not hesitate to contact Assistant Manager Mandie Cantlin at 610-436-5108 or mcantlin@eastbradford.org. 


Helpful Links and information


From the PA Township News Magazine, published by the PA State Association of Township Supervisors:

       Sewage Management Programs (July 2015 issue)

       Onlot Sewage System Options (July 2015 issue)  


Ordinance 3-2013 – This ordinance outlines the Sewerage Management Program for the Township.  The Ordinance was recently amended to:


·         Clarify that cesspools are exempt from the 3-year pumping requirement unless the system is located in an area of numerous malfunctions or in an area where a repair is not technically feasible.  This information changes, so contact the Township if you want to find out whether or not your cesspool is exempt from the pumping requirement.

·         Allow for a time extension if a licensed pumper/hauler determines that pumping is not required. The pumping requirement may be extended for a period defined by the pumper/hauler.  The pumper/hauler must submit a report to the Township stating that pumping is not required and provide a date when the system should be reexamined or pumped.  In all circumstances, every household must be pumped no less that once every five years.

·         Provide an exemption option for systems that are physically inaccessible.  If an on-lot system is practically inaccessible for pumping due to structures/improvements that were constructed prior to the effective date of Ordinance 3-2013, the lot owner may submit a written request for an exemption from the proscribed pumping schedule for the Board of Supervisors’ consideration.

·         Remove requirements that fall under the purview of the Chester County Health Department.


Sewage Pumping Submittal Form


Chester County Health Department.  [http://www.chesco.org/index.aspx?NID=365] the current list of Chester County Licensed Liquid Waste Hauler is available here along with other useful information about septic system maintenance. 

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