Mailbox Damage

Each year the Township fields phone calls from residents who believe their mailbox was hit by a plow truck during a snow event.

Occasionally, this does happen. In the event a snowplow physically hits and damages the mailbox and/or post, we will reimburse the property owner up to a maximum cost of $100.

But more often than not, it is simply the force of the snow coming off the plow blade that causes a mailbox to come off its post or a rotted post to break off. It is not caused by the plow actually hitting the box or post, but by the weight of the snow itself. In these instances, the property owner is responsible for the repairs or replacement.

Residents must report any claim of damage to the Township within three business days of the snow event by contacting our office (610-436-5108). A Public Works employee will inspect the damage and determine the cause.