Budget & Finance

2023 Budget

The Board of Supervisors reviewed the 2023 Budget Presentation during their meeting on December 13, 2022 and adopted the 2023 Budget with no tax increase.  Questions and comments on the budget are welcomed and can be directed to Peggy Lennon, Director of Finance.

Prior year budgets are provided.

The Township budget consists of seven distinct budgets – General, Sewer, Highway Improvement, Liquid Fuels, Capital Reserve, Open Space, and Capital Investment.

  1. The General Fund is the principal operating fund for the Township (e.g. police, fire, recreation, planning, codes, etc.).
  2. In December 2018, East Bradford Township sold its public sewer conveyance system to Aqua PA. However, the Sewer Fund continues to support the construction and operation of the ongoing Darlington Ridge development. Once that development is complete, the Township will work to sell that portion of the system to Aqua, as well.
  3. The Highway Improvement Fund supports the design and construction of road improvements.
  4. Receipts for the State Liquid Fuels Fund are provided by the State of Pennsylvania from gas taxes and are based upon Township road miles and population.  Use of the fund is limited to road maintenance/reconstruction and related equipment purchases.
  5. The Capital Reserve Fund is used for capital projects, major equipment purchase/replacements, capital debt, and asset depreciation funding.
  6. The Open Space Fund, created in 1999, is funded principally from earned income tax (¼ of 1%) pursuant to the Open Space Preservation Act (153 of 1996). Expenditures are restricted to acquisition of interests in real property and costs associated with these acquisition activities including maintenance and improvements stewardship (authorized under Act 115 of 2013).
  7. The Capital Investment Fund was created in 2018 to manage the proceeds from the sale of the public sewer system ($5,000,000). The intent of the Board of Supervisors is to conserve the principal and utilize the annual return on investment to supplement the Township General Fund and Capital Reserve Fund.