Brandywine Valley Archery Club

The overpopulation of white tailed deer is problematic in southeastern Pennsylvania. The over-browsing of the native understory is inhibiting the successful regeneration of our woodlands and exacerbating the dominance of invasive plant species. Deer overpopulation also contributes to a higher incidence of Lyme disease in humans and pets as well as more frequent damage to private property related to vehicle collisions and the browsing of landscape plantings in yards.

Since 2006, the Brandywine Valley Archery Club (BVAC) has been providing East Bradford Township with quality deer management services through managed hunting on selected parkland and open space. This is accomplished through the selection of qualified, safe, responsible archery hunters that conduct managed archery hunting within the Township throughout the Pennsylvania Game Commission-approved white tailed deer hunting season. East Bradford Township falls within Pennsylvania Wildlife Management Unit 5D. Current Club Rules and Regulations (PDF) are available. For additional information, email Rich Phifer, Director of Property and Recreation.

If you are interested in deer management and want to know how to mitigate the negative impacts of deer on your property, visit our Deer Management Page.