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Trash and recycling collection
AJB Trash and Recycling Service

Residential Service and Rates

A. J. Blosenski, Inc. provides trash and recycling collection service in accordance with the Refuse and Recycling Contract (PDF). The contract provides for weekly collection of three 32-gallon containers or bags of household waste, recyclable items, and monthly pick up of a bulk item. The quarterly fee for 2023 quarterly fee is $100.80, which is billed quarterly by A. J. Blosenski, Inc. for East Bradford Township. The Trash and Recycling Information (PDF) provides more information about trash collection and recycling.

Any account past due may have the past due balance forwarded to Portnoff Law for collection. Additional fees will be added to the amount due and the property may have a municipal lien placed against it and can be put up for Sheriff Sale for the balance due.

A trash and recycling certification is required when a property sells. Please contact A. J. Blosenski at 610-942-2707 to request a certification. The cost is $25.

2023 Holiday Trash and Recycling Collection Schedule

The following holidays will cause the regular Friday trash and recycling collection day to change to Saturday in 2023:

  • Memorial Day, Monday May 29 – Collection on Saturday, June 3
  • Fourth of July, Tuesday July 4 – Collection on Saturday, July 8
  • Labor Day, Monday September 4 – Collection on Saturday, September 9
  • Thanksgiving, Thursday November 23 – Collection on Saturday, November 25
  • Christmas, Monday December 25 – Collection on Saturday, December 30

2024 Holiday Trash and Recycling Collection Schedule

The following holidays will cause the regular Friday trash and recycling collection day to change to Saturday in 2024:

  • For New Years Day, Monday January 1 – Friday collection will move to Saturday, January 6
  • For Memorial Day, Monday May 27 – Friday collection will move to Saturday, June 1
  • For Fourth of July, Thursday July 4 – Friday collection will move to Saturday, July 6
  • For Labor Day, Monday September 2 – Friday collection will move to Saturday, September 7
  • For Thanksgiving, Thursday November 28 – Friday collection will move to Saturday, November 30
  • For Christmas, Wednesday December 25 – Friday collection will move to Saturday, December 28

Brush Composting

East Bradford has an agreement with West Bradford Township that allows East Bradford residents to use their compost site, for yard waste, brush, leaves, and grass clippings. The compost site is open Saturdays and Wednesdays from 9 am - to 2 pm and is located on the left at 2020 W Strasburg Road, Coatesville just beyond Lone Eagle Road. Please see the West Bradford website for more information and fees.

Cardboard Drop off

A cardboard drop-off is located at the Township building (676 Copeland School Road, West Chester, PA) in the back parking lot (enclosed dumpster). The dumpster is emptied and replaced on Mondays and Fridays (so there is a window of time on these days when drop-off is not available). Please flatten all boxes as this allows for more cardboard to be placed in the dumpster. Also, please do not place any packing materials, plastics, or trash in with the cardboard.

Monthly Curbside Yard Waste Collection

Starting in March and continuing through December, yard waste will be collected curbside on the third (3rd) Saturday of each month. All leaf waste and yard waste must be placed at curbside in biodegradable paper bags (or other containers acceptable to the hauler). The property owner is not limited in the number of biodegradable bags that may be placed at curbside for collection.  Brush is defined as branches cut to a maximum length of 4 feet and each branch no larger in diameter then 4 inches.  Brush must be bundled to a maximum size of 30 pounds per bundle and tied with string.  A maximum of five bundles can be placed curbside at a residence per monthly collection. All items for collection must be curbside by 6 am on the collection day. Please make sure items are visible from the street so that they will not be missed.

Bulk Pick-up

One bulk item is allowed on the first pick-up of the month. This could be a sofa, carpet, chair, table, etc. and you do not need to call and schedule a pick-up for these items.

Mattresses and box springs require a special pick-up for a fee, as the Lanchester Landfill charges a fee to dispose of these items. Please contact A. J. Blosenski at 610-942-2707 for the pick-up and disposal fee. You may be able to recycle mattresses and box springs upon the purchase of new ones, so please check with the retailer that you are purchasing from to see if this is an option.

Electronics cannot be placed curbside for bulk pick-up and should be recycled, see information below.

Business / Commercial / Industrial Recycling & Refuse Collection

All businesses and institutions within East Bradford Township are required to recycle. It is mandatory to separate and have collected the following: newspaper, glass, aluminum, steel, and bimetallic cans, plastics, and leaf waste, in addition to high-grade office paper and corrugated paper. Collection of the materials to be recycled and municipal waste shall be made periodically by the hauler chosen by the business and institution. Yearly reports of items recycled are to be provided to Chester County and East Bradford Township showing the items recycled and the weights of those items. (See Code of the Township of East Bradford, Chapter 91 Solid Waste)

Household Hazardous Waste

The Household Hazardous Waste Collections have new rules and limits as to the number of people who can attend. Pre-registration is required. Please check the Chester County Solid Waste Authority for more information.

Curbside Christmas Tree Collection Dates

January 13, 2024
January 20, 2024
Place trees curbside by 6:00 a.m.  Please remove all decorations, lights, and tree stands.  If we have bad weather, please make sure that the tree is not frozen to the ground or covered with snow. You may also place yard waste curbside at these collections.  

Do you have lights that are not working or that you just want to get rid of? This company will recycle the lights and you can send the lights to them any time of the year.

E-Waste Recycling Drop-Off, TV's & Small Electronic Items

The Lanchester Landfill is currently accepting TVs (three TVs per household per visit, no size limit, no rear projection TVs), computers, and other electronics and appliances at the landfill for free. A complete computer system is considered one unit. Visit link for a list of small items (PDF). All items must be intact. No disassembled items will be accepted. You must be able to unload your items. Items must be put on the appropriate pallet or in the box. Appliances that are mostly metal should be disposed of in the metals container for recycling. Lanchester Landfill, 7224 Division Highway (Rte. 322), Narvon, (Honeybrook) PA, 17555 610-273-3771. Open: Monday through Friday 7 am to 4:30 pm and Saturday 7 am - 11 am.

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