Public Sewer

Darlington Ridge

Public sewer for Darlington Ridge is billed quarterly in arrears by East Bradford Township based on the number of bedrooms. The 2023 rates are $1,132.64 per year ($283.16 per quarter) for three-bedroom units and $1,317.08 per year ($329.27 per quarter) for four-bedroom units. Billing takes place in January, April, July, and October for the previous 3 months. All payments must be made with a check made payable to "East Bradford Township." Bills are due within 30 days of the billing date. Balances not paid by the due date will be assessed a penalty of 6% of the balance due and accrue interest monthly at 10% per annum. Past Due balances not paid within 180 days will be forwarded to Portnoff Law Associates, Ltd for collection. Upon completion of Darlington Ridge and settlement of all units, East Bradford Township will consider the sale of the Darlington Ridge public sewer system to Aqua PA. The rest of the public sewer system was sold to Aqua PA in 2018, just prior to the approval of Darlington Ridge.

Billing Schedule & Rates

Public sewer is only available within certain areas of East Bradford Township (view the map), most of which are close to the Borough of West Chester. West Chester treats the sewage for East Bradford Township and bills Aqua PA for that service. Aqua PA then bills the residents who are connected to the public sewer service monthly along with the water service. There are three areas within East Bradford Township that have private sewer service systems: The Mews at Radley Run, Brandywine River Estates and Brandywine Overlook. The Mews at Radley Run is billed by the homeowners association. Brandywine River Estates and Brandywine Overlook are billed by the Little Washington Waste Water Company, a division of Aqua PA.