Who Responds When I Call 911?

Each January, the Township confirms by resolution the response territories for police, fire, and ambulance responders. This resolution establishes which agencies respond to different portions of the Township.

Both the West Chester Fire Department and the West Bradford Fire Company serve East Bradford Township. Generally speaking, the West Chester Fire Department covers the eastern portion of the Township while West Bradford covers the northern and western regions. The resolution adopted in January provides this specific description:

  • West Chester Fire Department – Territory covers an area south of (but not including) Brandywine Road that extends west along (and including Harmony Hill Road) to Valley Creek Road. The western border will continue south on (and include) Valley Creek Road to its intersection with Route 322. Then East on Route 322 to North Creek Road then south on North Creek Road to its intersection with Route 162 (but not including Copes Lane and Swallow Lane) thence following the line of the east branch of the Brandywine Creek south along North Creek Road and South Creek Road to the East Bradford Township Line at the confluence with the west branch of the Brandywine Creek.
  • West Bradford Fire Company – Territory covers all remaining areas of the Township including Copes Lane and Swallow Lane.

 The Fire Services Map depicts these territories.

Ambulance and advanced life support services are shared by Good Fellowship Ambulance and the Minquas Ambulance Club, but the territories are different. Good Fellowship handles all areas within the Township south of Harmony Hill Road, while Minquas covers Harmony Hill Road and areas to the north.

Finally, police service is simple. The West Chester Police Department provides full time police protection to the entire Township.

Visit the webpages listed to learn more about these agencies: