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Strode’s Barn

The Strode's Barn on Plum Run creek is the former home of the Strode's Sausage and Scrapple Plant. East Bradford Township acquired 6.9 acres of land containing the historic barn in 2015 and further acquired 7.7 acres of open space on Plum Run in 2018. Grants from Chester County, the Pennsylvania DCNR, and private donors were instrumental in the Township's ability to conserve the land.

This Township property is located in the Strode's Mill Historic District - an agricultural and commercial crossroads village that dates back to 1721. Each corner of this crossroads is occupied by a building significant to its history, which is why it is an important part of the Brandywine Valley Scenic Byway. This setting is one that helps define the Township's character and cultural history. The Strode's Mill Historic District played a notable role in British troop movements leading up to the 1777 Battle of the Brandywine (PDF). The Township is working closely with the Friends of Strode's Mill, a 501(c)3 organization, to stabilize and restore elements of the Strode's Barn (PDF) to create an interpretive site where residents and visitors can learn about the region's important role in early American history.

In addition to historic preservation of the barn, the Township is currently planning for recreational improvements, natural resource enhancements, and educational interpretation along the Plum Run creek corridor. The which incorporates the Strode's Barn and surrounding Strode's Mill Historic District, was adopted by the Board of Supervisors in May of 2019 and the Township has already received funding for engineering of Phase 1.

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