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December 8, 2020, the Board of Supervisors adopted the .

The 2021 Budget is balanced with no tax increase. Fund equity is being used to balance the projected General Fund Budget deficit of $217,876. Future revenue increases appear necessary under current estimates and forecasts to address indicated increasing budget deficits through 2025. Property tax millage increases, which are recommended for 2022 (.25 mill) and 2024 (.25 mill), are deemed a necessary minimum.

Capital needs continue to present a challenge. The 2021 Capital Reserve Fund anticipates expenditures in the range of $1,900,000. This includes large capital projects like the repair of the Ashbridge Road culvert ($450,000) and repair of the Highland Road bridge ($250,000), as well as scheduled vehicle replacements ($370,000). In order to cover the projected costs of these projects, the Township has budgeted $1,000,000 in revenue in the Capital Reserve Budget. The source of this revenue is currently unknown, but it could come from internal resources (e.g. General Fund balance or Capital Investment Fund) or external sources (e.g. loan). Options will continue to be investigated into 2021.

Questions and comments on the budget are welcomed and can be directed to Michael Lynch, Director of Finance, at mlynch@eastbradford.org or (610) 436-5108 x101.

Prior year budgets are provided below:


The Township budget consists of six distinct budgets – General, Sewer, Highway Improvement, Liquid Fuels, Capital Reserve, and Open Space.

  1. The General Fund is the principal operating fund for the Township (e.g. police, fire, recreation, planning, codes, etc.).
  2. The Sewer Fund supports public sewer service to over 1,200 customers in the Township through an Intergovernmental Cooperation Agreement with the Borough of West Chester.  Its revenues may not be used for any other purpose and the expenses must be supported by the customers being served.
  3. The Highway Improvement Fund supports the design and construction of road improvements.
  4. Receipts for the State Liquid Fuels Fund are provided by the State of Pennsylvania from gas taxes and are based upon Township road miles and population.  Use of the fund is limited to road maintenance/reconstruction and related equipment purchases.
  5. The Capital Reserve Fund is used for capital projects, major equipment purchase/replacements, capital debt, and asset depreciation funding.  (If you’re interested to learn more about capital funds, PA Township News published an article on capital improvement funding in 2015.)
  6. The Open Space Fund (established in 1999) is funded from the open space preservation tax (¼ of 1% on earned income) pursuant to the Open Space Preservation Act.  Expenditures are restricted to acquisition of interests in real property and costs associated with these acquisition activities.



Keystone Collections Group collects the earned income tax, open space tax and local services tax for East Bradford Township.   You may contact them at (888) 328-0565 or, during the tax season, you can use this dedicated tax hotline: 1-866-539-1100.  They also have a local office at 780 Miles Road, West Chester, PA 19380 , (610) 269-4402.   The office is located in the Brookworth Plaza (in East Bradford Township) on Downingtown Pike (near the PNC Bank, Dunkin Donut and CVS).   The PSD Code for Residents is: 151201.  The Earned Income Rate for Residents is: 1.25% distributed as follows:

  • .50% goes to East Bradford Township
  • .50% goes to the West Chester School District
  • .25% goes to the East Bradford Township Open Space Fund




East Bradford Township has contracted with the Chester County Treasurer’s Office to bill and collect the real estate taxes for the Township.  They also collect the County real estate taxes.  Residents can mail payments directly to the Treasurer’s Office at 313 W. Market Street, Suite 3202, West Chester, PA 19382.  Checks should be made payable “Chester County Treasurer.” Questions should be directed to the Treasurer’s Office at (610) 344-6370 or treasurer@chesco.org.  West Chester School District real estate taxes are collected by Berkheimer Associates ((866) 300-1714).



The Local Services Tax (LST) is collected from individuals who work in the municipality.  The $52.00/year tax is deducted from the individual’s paycheck.  Keystone Collections is the administrator of this tax for East Bradford Township ((724) 978-0300).



View recent audit reports below:

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