Subdivision & Land Development Applications


The following subdivision/land development applications are currently under review.  If you have questions or would like additional information, please contact Planning Administrator Mandie Cantlin at or (610) 436-5108 x102.  You can also learn more by reviewing minutes from advisory board and commission meetings or by attending a meeting in person (review the calendar for upcoming meetings and agendas).


SD 632 Darlington Ridge (Toll Brothers / Tigue Farm) – The applicant is proposing to construct 106 carriage homes in addition to the existing estate.  The development will also include open space and public trails.


SD 646 590 Birmingham Road (McFadden) – The applicant is proposing to divide the 4.4-acre property located at 590 Birmingham Road into two lots.


SD 645 Armstrong – The applicant is proposing to adjust the lot line between two parcels off of Strasburg and Telegraph Roads.


SD 647 Colley – The applicant is proposing to divide the 8.5-acre property located between Briarwood Circle and Valley Creek Road into two lots (with access from Briarwood).


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