Historical Commission


The Historical Commission consists of seven members who are appointed to five-year terms by the Board of Supervisors. The members donate their time to oversee the Historic Resources Protection Standards of the Township Ordinance, which provides a comprehensive framework for the preservation of historic sites, objects, buildings, structures and districts in East Bradford Township. The Commission also researches and proposes the nomination of significant resources for placement on the National Register of Historic Places and other appropriate lists or programs. It also reviews and comments on subdivision or land development applications that affect historic resources as well as demolition permits for historic resources.



The Historical Commission recently completed a monumental project that involved the compilation of 12 oral histories of Township residents.  Each history is presented in documentary format.  Learn more about these valued members of our community!



The Historical Commission has been publishing a series of newsletter articles showcasing items (i.e. worldly goods) that were made or owned by 18th or 19th century East Bradford residents (see below).  East Bradford has over 360 historic resources and the Historical Commission hopes to highlight many of them in this Worldly Goods series.  If you have an item from this era, please contact the Historical Commission at info@eastbradford.org.



East Bradford Township is a Certified Local Government and partner in the Federal preservation program since June 29, 2005.



Mary Sue Boyle  Chair, 12/31/21
Ann Armstrong 12/31/22
Jean Renshaw 12/31/23
Elizabeth Bertheaud 12/31/21
Craig Grear 12/31/22
John Marshall 12/31/22
Tom Russo 12/31/24
Staff contact: Andrea Campisi, Director of Planning & Zoning/Zoning Officer


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